Package Pricing. Happy Hour Specials. Flexible A La Carte 'BYO-IV' Options. Quick Drips Start at $50

Quench Infusion $149
1L NS + 2 Enhancements of Choice

Myer’s Cocktail $179
(The world famous classic drip)

1L NS + Vitamin C + Magnesium + B Complex

Cold and Flu $179
1L NS + Vitamin C + Zinc + Toradol

The Energy Kick $179
(Our signature athletic and jet lag mix)

1L NS + B Complex + Magnesium + L-Arginine

The Ultimate Hangover $189
(For those who had a little too much fun last night!)

1L NS + B Complex + Toradol + Zofran

The Health Nut $199
(Our multivitamin mix for optimal wellness)

1L NS + Vitamin D + Vitamin C + Vitamin A + B Complex + Niacin + Vitamin E + Vitamin K + Folic Acid + Biotin

The Fountain of Youth $189
(Anti-aging beauty mix)

1L NS + Glutathione + Multitrace + Vitamin B6

The Skinny $179
(Fat Burning mix)

1L NS + L-Arginine + Vitamin B6 + B Complex

The Vanity Elixir $189
(For healthy Hair, nails, and skin, THE drip for Naturalistas!)

1L NS + Zinc + Vitamin B6 + Vitamin C + Biotin


High Dose Vitamins in Just 15 Minutes!

Immunity Booster $149
(Great for strengthening your immunity to reduce your chances of getting ill)

Zinc, High Dose Vitamin C, B-Complex

Skin Glow Booster $149
(Best for hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and adding that “glow” to your skin)

High Dose Glutathione, Vitamin C, Biotin

Pain Away Booster $149
(Great for chronic migraines, cramps, and non-narcotic pain management)

Magnesium, Toradol, High Dose L-Arginine

#DripHTX Packages and Membership

$129 a month and includes the following benefits:

*One Signature Infusion per month
* One Vitamin B12 shot or additional Enhancement of choice
*One Infusion for your birthday!
*25% off all additional visits
(6 Month Auto-Pay required)
Use Them Whenever You Want, No Expiration Date
3 Drip / Booster Package: $419 @ $139 / Drip (Normally Upto $199)
6 Drip / Booster Package: $749 @ $125 / Drip (Normally Upto $199)

A La Carte (aka ‘BYO’- IV)

1L Saline $110
½ L Saline drip $80
¼ L Normal Saline $50
Vitamin C $25
Magnesium $25
B Complex $25
Biotin $30
Zinc $25
Vitamin B6 $25
Multitrace $25
Glutathione $30
Toradol (pain relief) $30
Zofran $30
L-Arginine $30


B12 (Energy Boosting) shot $30
MIC/Lipo (Fat Burning) shot $30

Happy Hour

Mondays and Wednesdays 5 - 7 pm
Half Price Shots
$25 Off All Signature Infusions & Quench Boosters
Enhancements: Buy 2 get 1 Free

For clients with verifiable and documented mobile disabilities, we can have a staff member infuse you in your home at no charge!