We get asked all the time if Quench is a spa. We are not a spa or any other “fancy” place. We chose not to give ourselves a category, as we pride ourselves as being ‘The Alternative Concept in IV Hydration Therapy’. We are simply kind humans who are experts at what we do!

We are a place for the people, by the people. We are a judgement free space for you to come, chill, and be yourself. As a millennial owned and operated business, we know what you want. We are a place where you can come to hang out, a beautiful place of refuge, with good music, and down to earth people. Our staff is diverse, not snobby, and our vibes are one of a kind. Want to come in pajamas? Awesome. Want to text/Snapchat the entire time? Cool! Want to come vent, eat, and sleep? Perfect!

Doesn’t matter if you are a blue collar worker, a star athlete, a single mom, or a college student with tons of student loan debt. Our drips start at a great price and we want to be a place of access and inclusivity as we believe EVERYONE deserves good health, not just those who can afford it.

We are often imitated, but our dopeness can never be duplicated. So come ‘Netflix and chill’ with us soon!

TLDR: We are awesome!

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Nourish The Body.

Enrich The Human Spirit.

Promote Social Progress.



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